About Us

We are Kingdom Leaders

What We Do

– We work with resettlement agencies, churches, and other non-profits to fill gaps in their transition processes.
– We are present and involved at four apartment complexes in the Fort Worth area, where there are a lot of recent migrants.
– We listen to and connect with recent migrants and work with community partners, members, and friends to serve them well.
– We help qualified people find jobs, affordable housing, food, clothes, furniture, and other resources in the community.
– We assist with emergency rental, utility assistance, and medical bills.

Core Values

Our approach is based on the Christian belief that we are all made in God’s image (imago Dei; Gen 1:27).
– Each individual has intrinsic worth and value.
– People thrive best in a healthy community where everyone loves their neighbor.
– People are designed to live in loving, connected, and equitable relationships with one another.

We emphasize the following:
– serving the holistic needs of people, not just one “part.”
– showing honor for the human person as being resourceful and resilient, not just a victim.
– Understanding the value of collaboration and partnership in serving people rather than going it alone.
– Being with the people and equipping them through intentional discipleship relationships instead of giving quick fixes.