Five Phases of Refugee Discipleship: Phase IV – Intentional Discipleship

Phase IV focuses on intentional Christian discipleship. There are a variety of approaches to discipleship; however, recent migrants frequently require intentional acts of love as the central component of the discipleship process. Hanna Shahin described a similar technique by beginning a “soccer” church in the Middle East by going out daily to play football with a group of children, conversing, eating, praying, and studying the Bible with them.[7] Heider Baker, a missionary in Mozambique, describes this kind of love for others as the “fragrance of Jesus to a lost and dying world.”[8]This approach to cross-cultural discipleship has proven effective in many areas, including communities that may be hostile to the gospel’s message. The first step is to ensure they are ready for the gospel. The ministry team can tell when recent migrants are more engaged with spiritual discussions and more open to the Christian message that the team represents, not just the services that help remove “boulders” to their transition.