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Five Phases of Refugee Discipleship: Phase I – Readiness

The first stage of the chronological flowchart represents the readiness phase. It emphasizes the minister’s self-care to ensure they are prepared to facilitate discipleship for recent migrants. Within its migrant population, the United States welcomes people of diverse origins. Whether or not a migrant community is in greater need than other migrant communities depend on their socioeconomic status and country of origin. Others will find it easier to adapt to life in the United States due to the numerous similarities with their home country. First, we must pray earnestly for the harvest field that consists of people considered foreigners or sojourners in and around our communities (Matt 9:37; Luke 10:2; John 4:35). This stage was completed by engaging in pre-launch prayer with like-minded colleagues and friends. We prayed to God to connect us with the appropriate “people of peace” who could help make it possible for the team to minister to recent migrants effectively. 

Five Phases of Refugee Discipleship: Phase II - Relationships


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