Five Phases of Refugee Discipleship: Phase II – Relationships

Phase II, in addition to the preceding steps of Phase I, focuses on establishing trustworthy relationships (Psalm 68:6). The initial step in this phase is to establish a dynamic relationship with the selected migrant population. This stage was completed by participating in prayer walks at a school with many international students and apartment complexes where recently relocated refugees lived. During the prayer walks in these apartment complexes, it is not uncommon for the teams to encounter recent migrants who open their doors to them. During one of the prayer walks, the team visited an apartment complex, where a large family graciously invited them into their home. The connection between the team and recent migrants was instantaneous and powerful. During other visits, the team used some connections from prior visits as translators to other families. During other visits, the team utilized previous connections as translators with other families. Google Translate is an effective tool for simple introductions and discussions.